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2014-01-03 Daida und Iballa Moreno auf Maui Ultra Fins!

Daida and Iballa Moreno, die berühmtesten Windsurferinnen und vielfache Weltmeister aus Spanien verstärken das Maui Ultra Fins Team ab 2014.

Die Zwillinge haben sich nach Tests in Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria Ende 2013 für die legendären MUF-Wavefinnen entschieden. Hier die Original-Statements:

Daida: “It’s an incredible smooth feeling I have in all my range of boards now, anything from quad to twin fins. I have more control, speed and soft feeling combining control for all my wave moves. I am always looking to increase my limits, and I am sure with Maui Ultra Fins I will be able to reach my goals for 2014 and push them higher.”

Iballa: “Thanks to Maui Ultra Fins for the support. We have been testing the fins for a few months now and we feel a huge difference on the response of the board: more speed and more vertical on my moves. It matches my style perfectly!”

Rick Hanke, Finnenentwickler und Gründer von Maui Ultra Fins: “I'm really excited that Daida and Iballa, both absolutely professional and outstanding windsurfing athletes, were so convinced and happy with my fins. I expect that the superior fin characteristics and performance will improve their achievements in competitions even further. Their experience will also play a vital role in improving our fin designs also for SUP applications.”

Daida und Iballa passen außerdem perfekt zu unserem erfolgreichen und motivierten internationalen Wave Team um Philip Köster, Robby Swift und Florian Jung.

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Photos: PWA / John Carter

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